Any plan upgrade to Gnome-Shell/Mutter 3.36.6 on Focal?

Really, I’m still on 3.36.3 according to my ‘about’ page in settings. But yeah, be nice to know if a backport for 3.36.6 is in the pipeline.

The ‘About’ page reflects the version of the ‘gnome-desktop3-data’ package. A fully updated focal
installation should be reporting a mutter version of 3.36.4.

To check or confirm mutter version :

apt policy mutter

Confusing? Most definitely. :frowning:


Hey, sure it is planned!

I’ve been quite busy with groovy (and gnome 3.38) updates, but once completed (we’re almost there) I’ll focus in these SRUs.


Great, there’s a particularly annoying wine copy/paste bug that got fixed in mutter 3.36.5.

It seems that the last gnome-shell update in Focal regressed an extension that then had to be fixed in a separate SRU. I’m told that extensions can use any part of gnome-shell, so any changes to gnome-shell can break compatibility with extensions. To continue being able to update gnome-shell, it looks more testing will be needed every time to avoid the same thing happening again.

I posted about this in the discussion about the GNOME microrelease exception and have updated the SRU documentation for the exception.

If those interested in getting gnome-shell updates in stable releases could help with the necessary testing when the time comes please, this will help these updates land.

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FYI, I’ve uploaded the Shell and mutter packages to focal queue it will take some time for the SRU team to review this.

Once it’s ready, if you subscribe one of the bugs, you will be notified to test it to confirm it works (please do it, in bugs #1896332 and #1896334 to make the SRU process faster).

Meanwhile, you can try test packages from this PPA:

It also contains new gnome-shell (and yaru adaptations for that).


Personally I’d more keen to Break with all those extensions we can’t support. Users can install them without using the packaged version, so the only ones we can test fully and support are the ubuntu default ones.


Do we have some news about 3.36.7 upgrade?

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Not that I know of but there is a bug to track it.

I do have some arguments for GS 3.36.4 -> 3.36.7 (not Mutter):

I run Focal with GS 3.36.6 that Marco linked in Discourse some time ago. I do not experience any regression. I do experience some annoying bugs to be solved (see above).
Bugs sources (I did not check in launchpad to find if they do exist officially) that were the most noticeable for me:


  • Fix top bar navigation when NumLock is active [Olivier; #550]
  • Revert changes that caused mispositioning in overview in multi-monitor setups
    [Robert; #2971]

Maybe this security issue (don’t now if it was already done in Focal):


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Changelog for mutter seems like good, par-for-course LTS material to me… Crash fixes and memory leaks resolved. Looking forward to that, as I still have some strange quirks I can’t quite pin down (not many, and not necessarily mutter mind you).



  • Fix Night Light updates after DPMS [Jonas, Benjamin; #1392]
  • Fix IM handling on X11 [Carlos; #1413]
  • Fix resizing of attached modal dialogs on wayland [Jonas; !1446]
  • Fix jumps when resizing windows using discrete steps [Jonas; #1447]
  • Fixed crashes [Marco; !1371, #1345]
  • Plugged Memory leaks [Ray; !1449, !1451]
  • Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Jonas, Carlos, Robert; !1218, !1460, !1463]
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As a LTS.
Ubuntu 20.04 should keep mutter and gnome-shell update to latest bugfix version.

But anyway. I will try to compile it by myself and quit waiting.

It looks like quite a few fixes have gone into 3.36 after 3.36.7. So maybe we’re waiting for a 3.36.8 (which doesn’t exist yet).



Hi Daniel, do you know about this one:
and this very annoying one:

There are some (teaching!) issues using my Wacom (Intuos M BT) tablet, if not solved by actual GS+Mutter latest versions, I’ll try to get some logs about (there are already some BR about those):

  • connecting usb, tablet gets right monitor border at half of the tablet (ok with bluetooth)
  • tablet cursor disappears after some time (Wayland only)
  • tablet buttons make GS to crash (session reboot)
  • yesterday got a crash (running X11) using my tablet that needed a complete reboot because my laptop has became unresponsive
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No I’m not familiar with those. But I was only talking about fixes that already exist.

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Thank you for all the hard work you put into making GNOME a better desktop!


Mutter 3.36.6 broke the input method on CJK users.
But fortunately, you can test mutter 3.36.7 on focal with this ppa.

Well there’s 3.36.8 :slight_smile: Very happy to see ever more optimizations being cherry-picked. Exciting to see GNOME becoming more responsive and snappy on low end hardware.

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We’re already on a 3.38.7 git snapshot, so not too far from that

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I was asking myself if Ubuntu will this time upgrade GNOME stack to 3.38 inside Focal. I know it’s probably not planned at all, but I realized that Groovy, Hirsute and Debian 11 will run 3.38. Alignment of planets.

Thus the advantages of a 3.38 upgrade seem very clear. What are the downsides, apart from LTS design, that make this a bad idea?