Announcing the Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba (AMA) - April 23, 2021 @ 3PM UTC

Is there a chance of a snake themed name/desktop background for the gnome 40? I would love this!

Great event. I think you should do one monthly.


I watched the recording and here is my feedback and hopefully things can be improved even further

  1. Try keeping these sessions shorter of 30-45 minutes
  2. Members should try to mute their mics if they are not talking

Sidenote: I am most interested in an all-snap desktop, I love the reignited effort towards that


Thank you for your efforts in organizing this indaba and for conducting it!
Looking forward for next indabas.


Thank you, it was great, interesting and useful.

I liked the inclusion of the community member, and learnt a couple of things which is always good. Thank you.


Great was nice to see some people from the irc i haven’t seen what they looked like and getting answers on questions, joining next time too if i have time then


Great Indaba, it’s really great to see and hear from the teams, I hope there will be more of these in the future.


They used to have a minimal ISO, but are discontinuing it for some reason. Asks people who wants a minimal install to use the server ISO instead. I think that’s not the right way as the minimal install let’s you install the latest packages without needing to do two passes during install. Plus it’s one-third the size of the server ISO, doesn’t install various server services that are not needed, and let the fickle minded choose their DE later.

Canonical and the Ubuntu project never officially supported the mini.iso ; it was produced as a by-product of building the debian-installer. As the Ubuntu Server image now uses subiquity, the build process that built mini.iso is no longer used, thus why this installation media is now old.

(I’d prefer using that quote if it wasn’t something I added to the wiki; alas it is… it was based on statement by Oliver Grawert though)