Alex/Gurkan Myczko | Membership Application


My name is tar (on IRC), I am 40 something years old, I am Swiss living in Switzerland (most of the time), I have been using Ubuntu and Debian(sid) for decades of years now so as to gain some experience over the years I have always tried to contribute in ways I’m interested in.

I like to package software as you can easily figure out.

Alex Myczko in Launchpad

I hope you will accept my request so that I can contribute more and more to this fantastic community

For contact:


Good luck : Alex Myczko becoming a member of the community!
The more that you contribute for Launchpad and Ubuntu the greater the chance you have becoming a member.
The Debian community is not recognized as Ubuntu or Launchpad.


@bernard010 Thanks. Well I found the only real way to contribute to Ubuntu was via packaging and via Debian, and Ubuntus auto-sync. I’m aware of other ways to contribute, I partly use launchpad and the bug tracking there for packages I care about…


Good luck, I’m sure you’ll become a member :muscle: :v: