Agility and innovation in Financial Services with open source

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Open source software is everywhere and has become a critical part of the modern economy. It has been estimated that open source software components constitute 80-90% of any given piece of modern software. More and more financial institutions are building enterprise applications using open source components. The real draw of open source for most financial institutions today, is the ability to explore and innovate with new technologies and to easily scale the solutions that deliver real competitive advantage.

Open source ecosystem is growing rapidly and with widespread adoption comes its own set of challenges. Financial institutions are realising the overhead of open source technology estate maintenance and day-N operational challenges. One of the ways to address these challenges is for organisations to offload the complexity and time-consuming tasks of day to day operations and maintenance of open source applications to managed service providers.

This webinar aims to answer some of the key questions faced today by financial institutions across the globe in their open source adoption journey.

  • Why is open source the key to agility and innovation?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of the open source ecosystem?
  • How managed open source can help financial institutions deliver business value?

Watch this webinar to understand how financial institutions are leveraging managed service for open source and gaining freedom from application maintenance and day to day operations to adapt, innovate and transform at speed.