About the Design System category

A place where the design team collects all the patterns and components for the documentation of our design system and Vanilla framework.

Vanilla Design System - Components / patterns documentation flow

The web and design team is working to expand our design system to include more documentation from the perspective of the various disciplines, including the accessibility requirements and considerations.


In order to be considered complete, the documentation needs to include accessibility considerations across disciplines, UX spec, visual spec, and implementation spec such as HTML/CSS or and React components.

Documentation on Discourse

For each component and pattern that we define in our design system, we are publishing the relevant spec content on Discourse. Components and patterns not yet implemented in Vanilla are under the Web and Design category on ubuntu.com. This part represent the long-term vision of our common patterns, and are implemented according to the Vanilla roadmap planning.

Components and patterns already implemented and currently used across our products and websites are going to be published in this category, in preparation for the new design system Vanilla website that the team is building.