Aaron Whitehouse | Membership Application

Hello everybody,

I started making some notes summarising my contributions for membership some time ago:

so I will ask you to refer to that please instead of me copy-pasting the information here.

I have been an Ubuntu fan and contributor since 2005 and signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct back in 2006. My initial contributions (between 2005 and 2010, particularly) were focused on testing Ubuntu and reporting bugs. My recent contributions have been focused on making Ubuntu as good as it can be on the Public Clouds and producing guidance for Ubuntu users.

I am creating this here now to collect testimonials/any feedback prior to adding myself to an agenda for a Membership Board meeting. If you have any suggestions of additional steps I should take prior to applying, please let me know (privately or on thread).

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Hi Aaron, Get more testimonials if you can.
See you when you apply.

Hey Aaron

Great that you undertake this next step - I look forward to processing your application.


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Thanks @msdomdonner. A few people have added these to my Wiki page for me and I have put my name down for the 18th.