A Decision for My Life

Hello everybody.

I’m coming here for a special reason why I’m going to share it with you here and I really hope that you understand what I’m going to say here now and I’m going to try to be as direct as possible so that everything is clear and with the best understanding for everyone.

In October of last year, I had left a message of pretensions that I had of some things I wanted to do in the future and in November I returned here with the objective of going to be able to make a return to the Ubuntu community gradually and in the long term. That was the initial plan I had in mind both for being here and for Ubuntu Unity.

However, when the New Year came around, I began to realize that I was still wanting to insist on a vicious cycle that has lasted for about 6 years now regarding my extreme dependence on the Internet and that I needed to rethink things. that I really want for my life, for my present and for my future. When you make a series of decisions thinking you’re going the right way, but then you realize that this could hinder your development as a person in the future, you realize that there is another way to reconcile the things you really want for life, your life and that those things you want will be there to add and not to subtract or generate headaches or some kind of problem that you will have to deal with alone.

Following this reasoning and focusing on what I really consider important, I would like to tell you that I am definitely giving up being a content creator for the Ubuntu Friends account and I am also giving up creating content and being the Ubuntu community manager Unity in Portuguese. I’m also giving up any kind of pretense of activities that I wanted to do before (podcast, virtual events) that I no longer want to do. I no longer have that view I had before that the Internet was essential in everything in my life, that’s why I decided to make this decision.

And yes, I want to continue being the designer of Ubuntu Unity because I realized that creating wallpapers and making art is something that I enjoy and that brings me together as a person, it’s something that makes me feel good and that doesn’t require me to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day on my cell phone or other device, and I also have a longer deadline for me to deliver before the release of each final version of the UU itself. I have confidence that the media in the Linux world and Rudra are doing an excellent job of spreading the word and what is being done. I intend to continue following everything related to the project when I get Telegram back, but without taking on any kind of responsibility for a local group or anything like that, just really contributing as a project designer.

I want and need to value my real life, because without it I can’t live as a person and since I’m entering the job market now, regardless of the job I have, I want to dedicate myself to the company I’m going to work for and my family , because there are many things that you should prioritize and value because it really is what adds to your life as a person and in essence.

I will delete the Ubuntu Unity account in Portuguese on Twitter and I will leave the Ubuntu Friends account at the disposal of Rudra (@rs2009), Joshua (@itzswirlz), Tobiyo (@fuseteam) and Rick if they want to continue taking her forward.

I also give up being a member of the Ubuntu community and intend to keep the account here on Discourse provisionally. I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me on this trajectory @madhens @popey @kenvandine @ian-weisser.

What I am putting here is not a decision that I made at the last minute, I had a long conversation with my family before I made this final decision and I really hope that things can be resolved from now on and I can live without needing the Internet all the time.