20.04.1 LTS Release Candidate ISOs ready for testing

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, the first point release of the latest and greatest LTS of Ubuntu is due next week on August 6th. The first release candidate ISOs have been built. There may be more - or not - over the coming week, so do not consider them final or production ready .

Please join the effort to help test all the flavours to help us get closer to a final image for the release on Thursday 6th August 2020.

Some resources:

Happy testing everyone!


Hoping in and helping a bit later tonight

I’ve noticed a few minor but very annoying bugs. I’m using the Beta with proposed updates, fully updated. I have NVidia 440 installed with two screens: the notebook and a 24" display

  1. Every time i reboot and login, the fractional scaling is activated, even that i never activated it before by myself. The F.S. is activated in the notebook screen. The result is that some texts gets smaller than normal, including the login page. I fix it by messing around with the settings and than turning the option off, but after rebooting it happens again.

  2. Ubuntu Software doesn’t recognize files from Firefox’s temporary directory. For instance, clicking to download some .deb and then select “open with”. It opens Ubuntu Software, but it returns an error that the file is not supported. Moving the same file to another location and then executing it from the files manager solves the problem.

Have you filed bugs? @brunonzanette

To get maximum attention for your bugs, I’d recommend you record your testing as an actual QA-test (assuming a QA-test testcase fits where you have actual errors) and record there too (bugs attention is still focused on launchpad, but it allows some extra searching in when and who experienced bugs, plus other testers will be prompted to test for your bug; something that won’t occur on lp report alone).

The addition of nvidia 440 doesn’t fit a QA-test (but I could be wrong, I mainly test flavors), but I believe the Ubuntu Software one could fit a ‘live’ test.

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In addition to the answer of @guiverc, you can report bugs in launchpad as follow:

  • For your 1st issue: open a terminal and run the command ubuntu-bug gnome-shell
  • For your second issue report directly to launchpad against the snap-store app

About the 2nd, i found out that there is already an entry about this.

About the 1st, i confirmed that it only happens with Nvidia driver. Using “On Demand” option on PRIME fixes the problem. But i’ll fill the bug as you recommended.


was disappointed with the focal fossa.
am hoping this point release will iron out the creases.

Wonder if I should rock this tonight… or wait until the end of days when it will include tier1-support for my 2018 model DELL XPS…

Ubuntu 20.04.1 has finally been released! (just checked releases.ubuntu.com) I’ve also built the Ubuntu Unity 20.04.1 ISO.


20.04.1 is out!

It’s a major milestone which would not have been possible without your help. Thanks again testers and see you next week for the release of 18.04.5.